This summer, we want families in our community to double down on fun.

Fun is functional. Fun can make your family stronger. That’s why this month we’re challenging you to think about ways to elevate fun! How can you be intentional about creating fun experiences for your family and making those experiences count?

You can take a family vacation to another part of the country, or you could keep it local and spend a day in the park. Maybe you’ll take time to plan a small fun one-on-one activity with each of your children.

If you’re looking for something fun to do that doesn’t involve too much planning on your part, make sure you attend Elevate the Block: a FREE community block party and resource fair. This is our second year offering this block party to the community, and we plan on having even more fun than last year (if that’s even possible). You don't have to wait until Elevate the Block to elevate fun, though. The Philadelphia Youth Commission has published 101 ideas for safe summer fun in Philly.

That brings up another great point: elevating fun isn’t limited to the people who share your address. When we participate in fun community events like Elevate the Block we build relationships in our community that help make our families stronger. We hope you'll take time this month and every month to Elevate Fun!