CUA 9 - Serving the 12th, 18th and 77th police Districts in West and Southwest Philadelphia


Turning Points For Children CUA 9
415 S. 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Phone: 215.875.8200
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CUA 9 Director
Scott Eldredge, LSW,ACSW
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Turning Points' Community Umbrella Agencies (CUAs) are part of a citywide initiative known as Improving Outcomes for Children (IOC). IOC is a community-based model of service delivery, with distinct and well-defined roles for both Department of Human Services (DHS) and provider agencies. With this approach, case management services for children involved in the child welfare system will be delivered by providers called CUAs while DHS provides monitoring, oversight and quality assurance.

CUAs are community-based agencies that are responsible for providing direct case management services to families in a designated police district. CUA 9 will ensure that local solutions and resources are more accessible to children and families and will help to develop connections to formal and informal neighborhood networks that can strengthen and stabilize families. Each family has a single case manager who is their point of contact for all services. That caseworker brings together a team of professionals to support the family. CUAs are also responsible for recruitment and retention of foster and adoptive parents in the neighborhoods they serve. IOC seeks foster care in neighborhoods closer to home which aides in siblings staying better connected and results in more extended family engagement.

This service delivery model is designed to increase system performance to achieve positive results for children, youth and families including: 

  • More children and youth maintained safely at home
  • Fewer children and youth placed in institutional settings
  • Lower initial placement rates
  • Fewer changes in placement
  • Shorter length of placement
  • Reduction of returns to placement
  • Increased kinship placement
  • Increased placement of siblings together and better connection when they are not
  • Increased reunification and other permanency rates

To learn more about the resources and services available to you and your family, visit our Resources section.